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Two World Championships in the Netherlands

Two World Championships in the Netherlands

This year, the Netherlands will host not one, but two World Championships. In August, the Women’s Freshwater Fishing World Championship will be held on the Lange Vaart near Lelystad, followed by the very first Streetfishing World Championship in November.

The Women’s World Championship was originally scheduled for 2020, but was postponed for a year due to the coronavirus pandemic. In consultation with the FIPS-Ed (the international organisation for competitive freshwater anglers), Sportvisserij Nederland (the Dutch angling association) will once again organise and host the event this year – if the developments around COVID-19 permit.

The organisers and the City of Lelystad have again chosen to use the water of the Lage Vaart as the competition course. On 21 and 22 August, the national women’s teams from 12 to 15 countries will compete for the title of World Champion 2021. Team Holland will be represented by the women who qualified for the 2020 championships in 2019.

Premiere: Streetfishing World Championship

Later this year, the Netherlands will also have the honour of organising the very first Streetfishing World Championship. The ever-growing popularity of this relatively new angling sport prompted Sportvisserij Nederland to approach the FIPS-Ed with the initiative for a World Championship event.

The proposal was approved, and now the first Streetfishing World Championship in history will be held in our own country. The contests are scheduled for 20 and 21 November, and the organisers are finalising the details for the location, which will be announced soon.
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