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Sea bass bag limit 2021

Sea bass bag limit 2021

After somewhat delayed negotiations, the probable catch agreements for sea bass throughout 2021 are now known. The bag limit of two fish is likely to apply for the rest of the year.

Due to the intensive Brexit negotiations – which caused delays in the fisheries agreements – up until recently only the rules for the first quarter of 2021 were known. The angling season was closed in January and February, and there was a bag limit of two fish per day in March.

Bag limit to remain at two

It now appears that the bag limit of two fish per day will be maintained for the rest of this year; that is, for a total of nine months, from March until November inclusive. According to fisheries scientists at ICES, a bag limit of three fish for eight months would have a comparable impact. Sportvisserij Nederland (Dutch Angling Association) together with the European Anglers Alliance has been advocating for this, but unfortunately in vain. It is to be hoped that the 2022 rules will allow for a greater bag limit.
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