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New water in the VISpas

New water in the VISpas

There are quite a few new waters in the VISpas this year. They are located in the municipalities Noardeast Fryslân, Terschelling, Montfoort and Zuidplas. The new waters are already shown at, and they will be visible in the VISplanner app starting in June. We would like to express our thanks to Sportvisserij Fryslân, Sportvisserij Zuidwest Nederland, HSV Leeuwarden and HSV Montfoort for opening up their waters.

In Noardeast Fryslân, 29 new waters have been added to VISpas – mainly waters in and around Dokkum and Kollum. These waters are rich in whitefish, and a fat pike isn’t uncommon. The canal between the Dokkumer Ee and Woudvaart is a beautiful channel connecting the aquatic neighbourhood Woudhorne with the Dokkumer Ee. With its newly completed boat ramp, the new canal is an ideal place to fish for pike from your boat. The neighbourhood north of the Kollum canal is a hotspot for large pike when they follow the migrating whitefish that school there in winter. The waters inside the Zuiderpoort and Zuiderschans in Dokkum are perfect for strolling along the banks fishing for pike, but the clear and verdant waters are also ideal places to go pen fishing for tench. Finally, the polder drainage canals on the island of Terschelling (6.7 hectares) have also been added to the VISpas. These waters are unique, in that they are the first VISpas waters on the Wadden Sea islands.

Canal connecting the Dokkumer Ee and Woudvaart. Picture by Rindert Procee

• Village pond Lange Doniastrjitte Burdaard
• Village pond Brantgum
• Village pond at the intersection of the Ljouwerterdyk and Reinderslaan Ferwert
• Village waters Oosternijkerk • Village waters Hallum
• Village waters Holwerd
• Village waters Kollumerzwaag
• Entrance to the Dokkumer Ee in Burdaard
• Pond along the Poelepaed
• Pond at the Vergulde Klok
• Pond along the Rondweg Noord, near the Slachthuis
• Pond in front of Probo
• Canal to the west of Betterwird
• Canal connecting the Dokkumer Ee and Woudvaart
• Waters near Zuiderpoort and Zuiderschans
• Canal passing under Spinnekop road • Eelaan
• Wortelhaven
• Canal through the city centre
• Ponds in it Fûgellân neighbourhood
• Waterranonkel
• Waters in Kooilanden neighbourhood
• Bonifatiuspolder Park
• Drainage canal along the Bronlaan
• Pond in front of the police station
• Pond in front of the children’s menagerie
• Village waters Kollum
• Park pond along the van Eysingalaan
• Neighbourhood north of the trekvaart Kollum


Sportvisserij Zuidwest Nederland has a new lease agreement with the South Holland municipality of Zuidplas, which opens up 37 hectares of new fishing waters for VISpas holders. They mainly cover the drainage canals and ponds in the built-up areas of Nieuwerkerk aan de IJssel, Moordrecht, Zevenhuizen and Moerkapelle. All together, these narrow ornamental waters add up to dozens of kilometres of banks to fish from – ideal for the trolling predator fisher and young people from the neighbourhood. In the waters of the Gouwe Park – between the A20 and the N207 highways – some surprising catches await carp anglers.

HSV Montfoort has added a large portion of its municipal waters to the Combined list of fishing waters in the Netherlands.


Unfortunately, some waters have also been removed from the VISpas in the Biesbosch. The pressure of tourism has led the authorities to begin zoning the Biesbosch, and in the process they found that some waters were not listed in the lease agreement that Sportvisserij Zuidwest Nederland has with Staatsbosbeheer. These are mainly waters that are not easily accessible, so the more popular fishing spots are luckily still open to anglers.
You can find a complete and up-to-date overview of where you can fish with the VISpas in the free VISplanner app and at
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