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Trout released in the Lauwersmeer (video)

Trout released in the Lauwersmeer (video)

Last week 650 kg of (sea) trout was released in several places around the Lauwersmeer. These releases were part of the project ‘Vissen voor verbinding’ (‘fishing for connection’): in order to make the original system of creeks running from the head reach in Drenthe (Peizerdiep) to the Lauwersmeer work as one ecological whole again.

The sea trout is the ambassador par excellence of this project, which encompasses several of these actions. For instance, in the Piezerdiep gravel beds have been constructed and young trout have been released. This should eventually lead to a self-sustaining population of sea trout in the Lauwersmeer area.

Because it’s not possible to realise this within just a few years, currently larger trout are also being released as a ‘view on the future’. This enables sport anglers to experience what the Lauwersmeer will hopefully be like as a future sport fishing destination. It is expected that the lake is going to be a major attraction for tourists on account of its stocks of sea trout.

Closed season

Although the Lauwersmeer is very large, trout often can only be caught in specific places. You will really have to search for the fish here. Beware: some parts of the Lauwersmeer are closed and up to the last Saturday in May there is a closed season for specific kinds of bait (such as artificial bait), only artificial flies smaller than 2.5 cm are allowed during this period.

View a (Dutch) video of the release of trout here:

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