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Viewing tip: European Fishing League (video)

Viewing tip: European Fishing League (video)

The Netherlands is a paradise for anglers according to the beautiful images in the YouTube series, European Fishing League (EFL). In this exciting lure fishing competition, the competitors fish in our very own beautiful waters.

In the EFL, five top angling brands – Rapala, Catch With Care (CWC), Westin, Fox Rage and Abu Garcia – battle each other in a five-day competition for the title of ‘best lure fishing team’. The teams fish for pike, perch and pikeperch at various locations in the Netherlands and Finland.

Aiming for large perch

The various street-fishing teams fish for the three species mentioned above in Rotterdam, for perch in Volkerak, and for pikeperch in Hollands Diep. The fourth episode shows the participants going all out to catch large perch. Watch the episodes below:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

The Netherlands, a watery country

Because the Netherlands is largely situated below sea level, it’s one of the most water-rich countries in the world. From the large rivers and the river delta to the expansive lake areas, and from the characteristic polders to Amsterdam’s canals: the Netherlands is home to just about every type of water you can imagine, and you can catch fish everywhere. Lure fishing, fishing for carp and coarse fish, marine fishing and fly fishing, either from the bank or from a boat, together with a fishing guide or simply from the bank at your camping ground... anything is possible in the Netherlands.

Increasingly fish-friendly water management

In recent years there has been a significant increase in the attention paid to water and fish stock management, with more and more parties becoming involved. Important aspects include good water quality, a more natural type of layout and water management, and the provision of recreational possibilities. Anglers are especially interested in good fishing waters with healthy fish stocks and lots of angling options. With its large surface area and variety of waters, the Dutch landscape provides plenty of opportunities for different types of angling.

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