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28 May end of closed season - so start fishing! (video)

28 May end of closed season - so start fishing! (video)

The closed season for different types of bait ends on Saturday, 28 May. That means starting from 28 May, you can once again fish using artificial bait and flies larger than 2.5 cm. So what are you waiting for? Get out on the water!

But remember: always check the VISplanner to see if you’re allowed to fish there with your VISpas, and click on the water to see if any specific rules apply. That will help you avoid a potential fine.

Closed season - what you need to know

There can be some confusion about the closed season for pike and artificial bait, because they overlap somewhat. But they aren’t entirely the same – even though both deal with predatory fish. So what’s the story, exactly?

The general closed season for artificial bait runs from 1 April until the last Saturday in May. During this period anglers are prohibited from fishing with almost all types of artificial lures in the Netherlands' inland waters, with the exception of artificial flies smaller than 2.5 cm.

The same period is also the closed season for several fish species, including perch and pikeperch. If you catch one of these fish during the closed season, you are required to treat it with the greatest possible care and to release it into the same water immediately. Check the video for more information:

Immediate release

The closed season for pike runs from 1 March until the last Saturday in May, which means it starts a month earlier than that for other predatory fish. This can occasionally lead to confusion among anglers. Because if you can still use artificial bait or minnows to fish in March, how can you avoid catching pike?

The intention of the law is that you are free to fish for predatory fish in the Netherlands during the month of March, and that includes pike. But if you catch a pike, you are required to release it to the same water immediately.

In fact, the VISpas General Terms and Conditions require you to immediately release any pike you catch in the Netherlands almost all year long, which is why there are so many beautiful big pike swimming in Dutch waters.
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