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New bnrz pikeperch record: 106 centimeters!

New bnrz pikeperch record: 106 centimeters!

On 30 March 2021, German angler Andre Gießing was fishing in the Hollands Diep when he caught a pikeperch measuring no less than 106 cm. The record claim was recently received and approved by the BNRZ record committee. Gießing has therefore beaten the former Dutch record for pikeperch of 105 cm, set by Igor Vucenic in 2020, by 1 centimeter.

Andre and his fishing buddy Bernd Kapust were on the Hollands Diep when they suddenly received a large signal moving under the boat on their ‘Livescope’ – an ultra-modern fishfinder that uses sonar to scan for fish under the boat in real time. Bernd, who was at the boat’s helm and had plenty of experience with pelagic fishing for pikeperch measuring more than 90 cm, immediately knew they’d hit the jackpot. That started a cat-and-mouse game where Andre would spend the next 15 minutes trying to tempt the fish with his lure – a 20 cm soft bait tied to an 80-gramme jig. Bernd’s job was to steer the boat in such a way as to keep an eye on the fish, without scaring it away.

The lure responsible for the record catch.

Monster fish

Finally, the fish struck the bait. During the fight, Andre’s adrenaline reached the boiling point, but the two anglers broke out in cheers once they’d finally netted the pikeperch. They almost couldn’t believe their eyes when the tail fin passed the 106 cm mark. Later this spring, Bernd heard about the Dutch Fresh Water Catch Record List – or ‘BNRZ’ for short – so he sent in the photos of his catch and got the ball rolling. Upon approval by the BNRZ record committee, Andre is the official Netherlands record holder for pikeperch.


Andre and Bernd became acquainted around 10 years ago, when they were both fishing for predatory fish in the Netherlands. The two avid German anglers struck up a conversation that eventually grew into a strong friendship. The two have visited the Netherlands several times over the past few years, often for more than a few days. They say that our country has “a much more interesting fish stock, thanks to your catch & release culture”. The August issue of Hét VISblad, which will arrive on the doorstep on 19 July, features a long interview with Andre Gießing and Bernd Kapust. The gentlemen talk about their pelagic fishing techniques and reveal some of their tactical and technical secrets for catching big pikeperch measuring 90+ centimetres. Definitely required reading for any pikeperch angler.

Think you’ve caught a record fish?

If you’ve caught a fish that might be a new record, or just want to be prepared for that eventuality, make sure to take good photos or videos that show the measurement using a suitable ruler or measuring tape on a flat surface. Then send the evidence together with the rest of the information to – where you can also find a complete list of all fresh water records in the Netherlands. The website also features more information about how to submit a record claim online.

Watch this video to learn how to measure a fish and increase the likelihood of submitting a successful record claim:

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