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Specimen perch in Holland (video)!

Specimen perch in Holland (video)!

Recently the film crew of the German angling magazine Fisch & Fang visited the Netherlands - for the DVD at their January issue. Goal: catching specimen perch. Under the guidance of fishing guide Steef Meijers, the crew visited the large river plains along the river Lek. The result is a very cool video that we can present you here on!

The Netherlands is known for its unique angling opportunities, including specimen perch. The large river plains along the rivers Lek, Neder-Rijn, Maas, Waal and IJssel harbor true 'XXL-perch' that even go beyond the magical 50 cm border. Many of these river lakes have also been inserted into the VISpas - check or the free VISplanner app. It is therefore logical that this perch fishery did not go unnoticed abroad. In Holland there are also several professional fishing guides (with a boat) that help Dutch and foreign guests to their first mega perch. Similarly, fishing guide Steef Meijers, who also has a good word of German.

Explanation and technique

It is therefore logical that Fisch & Fang presenter Luis Mendez Acosta and his cameraman step on board with Steef Meijers for this 30-minute video. The end result is a real masterclass of perch fish, where both Steef and the presenter catch several beautiful perch. While fishing (and catching) Steef gives excellent explanations about this particular fishing technique. So he explains what you need for material and lures, which technique he uses and where these fish swim. To top it all off, there is also an outright 'bonus perch' caught. Curious if this exemplar passes the magical 50 cm? Then check out the cool video:

Fisch & Fang

Fisch & Fang is the largest German fishing magazine. As an extra for its subscribers, the monthly magazine delivers an exclusive DVD every edition. For example, subscribers - and the anglers who purchase the magazine in single sale - can enjoy moving images with an article. The Fishing in Holland team of Sportvisserij Nederland is very grateful to Fisch & Fang for offering this video to you in full.

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