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Kick-off of the 50th anniversary of Visma 2018 in Ahoy Rotterdam (video)

Looking forward to spring? So do we! As organiser of Visma New Style 2018, Publishing House & Facilities starts the run-up to the 50th Visma in Ahoy Rotterdam on March 23, 24 and 25. Be sure to visit us and get order your tickets and parking vouchers online at a 20% discount. Let’s go Visma!


Spring, fishing and Visma! Three things that go together like peas in a pod. Traditionally Visma is the leading sportfishing exhibition which is eagerly awaited by every Dutch fisherman as the start of a new season. This year the Visma will be celebrating its 50th anniversary with extra festivities. The organisers continue the course set in in 2016, to an interactive show with more experiences, more demonstrations, more exhibitors and more indoor basins where you can try out tackle and techniques. This new concept proved to be very popular with visitors during last year’s exhibition. –check the 2017 video here:


As from next week the website will be filled with articles and previews on the program, exhibitors, scoops, demonstrations and interesting facts about Visma 2018. Watch the trailer below and don’t forget to check our website and like us on Facebook. Order your online tickets here. We’ll see you at Visma!

Watch the Visma-trailer:

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