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Seabass season in full swing

Seabass season in full swing

From now until October you have the best opportunity for an encounter with a specimen bass in the Dutch coastal waters. Apart from Zeeland and IJmuiden the port area of Rotterdam is the place to catch this silver gamefish. Brian Elward shows in his video how spectacular flyfishing for bass can be here.

It's a truly unique experience: strong fish, in clear water in and an industrial environment between the skyscraper containerships. The cool shots speak for themselves. Bass fishing in this rugged environment is an adventure. Get in there and see for yourself.

Even more fat

When autumn is approaching, the bass get prepare for winter and guttle to get fat and fit for the seasonal migration.
Next to flyfishing you can also choose to fish hard lures, softbaits or ragworm under a float.

Rules and regulations

In Dutch coastal waters you don't need a license. When fishing there, always be aware of the possibility of slippery rocks, strong currents and big waves. It's favourable to fish together with a buddy for safty reasons. 

According to new bass management regulations, every seabass has to be released in 2018.

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