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Where am I allowed to angle with my VISpas?

Where am I allowed to angle with my VISpas?

With your VISpas you’re allowed to cast a line in over 90% of the Dutch surface waters. These waters are listed in the accompanying “Gezamenlijke lijst van Nederlandse viswateren” (Joint list of Dutch fishing waters), the booklet. VISplanner shows these waters in dark blue.

You will receive the VISpas when you become a member of an angling association. This VISpas is valid up to and including 31 December of the current year and will automatically be renewed each year. Always make sure to bring the List of the location you’re fishing at, otherwise your VISpas is invalid. This is a legal requirement that comes with any kind of fishing permit. It is also legally valid to have the VISplanner with you instead of the booklet.


The VISplanner was specially developed for you, the angler, so that you can find out in an instant where you’re allowed to angle with your VISpas. Light blue waters are unknown so you are not allowed to fish them without a license form the owner. To fish red waters you need a VISpas from a specific angling club. The VISplanner is freely available as an app for iOS and Android and as a website and a mobile site.

Watch this video to get a tutorial on how to use the VISplanner:

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