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Summer surf fishing from Dutch beaches

Summer surf fishing from Dutch beaches. When you think of summer, you think of the beach. Did you know that fishing from Dutch beaches can be very good? During the summer months these beaches mainly produce sole and seabass, but especially in Zeeland you can even catch smooth-hounds.

For most smaller fish you can often leave your heavy beachcaster rods at home and use a feeder to fish right behind the surf.

A smoothhound from Banjaard beach.

Beach feeling

Beach fishing is about being outside in het silty air. Staring at the horizon, passing ships and catching diner. You’ll be most successful if there’s a good surf and a nice breeze, 
An example of a good beach to fish from is Banjaardstrand in Kamperland (Zeeland). In the evening you might run into a nice smooth-hound. Another nice beach is Wijk aan Zee in Noord-Holland.

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