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New video: Dutch polder carp

Good news: in collaboration with online angling channel ANGELNplus we made a new video: Carp fishing in the Dutch Polders! Exclusive for we present a 15 minute version to you! De full movie – it lasts 30 minutes – is only available for subscribers of ANGELNplus and Blinker.

In the series' Unterwegs mit den Profis' - 'going out with the pros – presenters Gregor Bradler and Christian Rück travel to Reeuwijk in this new video, right next to Gouda, in the middle of the famous Green Heart of the Netherlands.
Joined by Robert de Wilt as a fishing guide, they actively stalk the carp, but in between they also fish for predatory fish. Christian captures a beautiful pike during the first minute of the recordings, from the balcony of their cottage! But the main theme of this new ANGELNplus film is: stalking for carp.

Check out this video:

Polder fishing 

In the Dutch polders you find a varied mix of fish species. The labyrinth of ditches lends itself perfectly for stalking with a minimum amount of gear - whether it's roaming on carp or predatory fish. Fun, easy to access and perfectly suited for two hours during your family holiday in the morning or evening. You can spend the rest of the day with your wife and kids. Finally, this new video provides a clear explanation of the VISpas - the fishing permit for fishing in the Netherlands - and the handy free VISplanner app.

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