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New video: Giant Dutch perch

New video: Giant Dutch perch

Kanalgratis launched two cool video’s about fishing for big perch in Holland. Swedish angler Tobias Ekvall heard rumours about record perch being caught and travelled to Holland.

Guided by Dutch perch specialists he caught his personal best. These two English spoken perch videos are recommended for all predatory anglers. Daniel Weijers, Pieter Bas-Broeckx, Sander Groenenboom en Sijmen van den Berg take Tobias to their big perch hotspots. Here they explain how to effectively fish the Carolina rig. There is even a live take filmed by a drone. The video also includes information about the VISpas and

Check the first video:

Check the second video:


Tobias says Holland is without doubt the best destination for big perch and these videos show you why. During these two days of filming several personal bests are broken and the most memorable catch was a monster perch on Tobias his birthday.

Plenty big perch.

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