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New video: pike fishing in the Netherlands

New video: pike fishing in the Netherlands

The latest video of the international YouTube-angling channel Kanalgratis is all about pike fishing in the Netherlands – pike paradise! This cool video – with loads of fish and stunning landscapes – is ‘a must see’ for all predator anglers.

Because of his previous fishing experiences in the Netherlands – including fishing for the Dutch mega perch – Kanalgratis presenter Tobias Ekvall did not hesitate when he was invited by Fishing in Holland to come over and fish for pike Tobias flew from his hometown in Sweden to the Netherlands to experience just how good and fun the fishing for pike is over here.

‘Polder’ fishing 

Fishing in Holland team members Pieter Beelen and Daniel Weijers assist Tobias on his mission to catch pike in the polders of Gouda, Kortenhoef and Ankeveen. This video is packed with action, 'double hook-ups', beautiful slow motion shots of jumping pike, and all in a typical Dutch setting: the so called ‘polders’. In the start of the video you see Tobias had lots of bad luck, but luckily recovered well and more than 20 pike are caught during the shooting.

The video is English spoken with (optional) German subtitles. Enjoy watching: 

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