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Lead-free alternatives: inspiration and tips

Lead-free alternatives: inspiration and tips

As a result of European regulations, lead is well on its way to being banned from sport fishing. Alternatives are therefore also desperately needed. Sportvisserij Nederland has an overview of the already available alternatives on its website.

In the overview of lead alternatives you can easily and quickly see with which products you can make your fishing lead-free and therefore more environmentally friendly. The tackle shops in the Netherlands are mentioned with all their lead-free products. As you can see - and perhaps have noticed in the fishing shops - the supply of lead alternatives is already quite large and is growing fast. Also ask the local angling shop owners about lead alternatives they sell.

The supply of lead-free products is growing fast

Create alternatives yourself

Not only manufacturers are abandoning the lead. Sport fishermen themselves also increasingly switch to alternatives. Sportvisserij Nederland applauds this and regularly devotes attention to lead-free fishing techniques and self-made alternatives for lead. Materials like iron, stone, concrete, glass and tungsten are ideal for this.

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