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Beach fishing in winter

Beach fishing in winter

In autumn the summer fish migrate to warmer waters and the winter fish move in. Just behind the surf of the beach and from the breakers and piers you will find plenty of dab and whiting. Fishing for them is easy with a three-hook paternoster baited with ragworm or lugworm. Success is guaranteed.

Make sure you dress properly to keep warm and be able to prepare a nice meal of self-caught fish when you get home. The piers and breakers in Scheveningen and IJmuiden are real hotspots where you can fish between or just behind the big concrete blocks if you are looking for cod. You will also encounter flounders when fishing from the Dutch shorelines.
Westkapelle and Zoutelande are productive beaches in this time of the year, but all along the coast you can find spots that produce fish.
This cold period has plenty to offer for sea anglers, so you don’t have to stay inside all day.
Take a look at our fish calendar to see which other species can be caught during this period.

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