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VISpas 2019 now available to order

VISpas 2019 now available to order

De VISpas 2019 is out now! If you pay before 5 December, you will receive your VISpas 2019 before 1 January. If you have given a payment authorisation, you will receive your new VISpas in mid-December. The VISpas 2019 and the NachtVIS- en Derde Hengeltoestemming can now be ordered online too, at They can also be purchased at local angling stores.

VISpas holders should be aware that there will be a number of changes in 2019. This message explains a few of the changes and answers some frequently asked questions. 

Angling permitted in even more waters 

Sportvisserij Nederland (the Dutch angling association), as well as the angling federations and associations, are working hard to ensure that as many federation and association waters as possible are included in the Combined list of fishing waters in the Netherlands (Gezamenlijke Lijst van Nederlandse VISwateren). In 2018, no less than 3,000 hectares of new fishing waters became available 
to all VISpas holders. 

In 2019, Sportvisserij Nederland once again aims for a substantial increase in the available fishing waters all over the country. 

'Dikke boekje’ goes digital 

The combined list of fishing waters in the Netherlands has a three-year cycle. As a cost-cutting and environmentally-friendly measure, the new edition (2019 - 2020 - 2021) will no longer be enclosed with the VISpas as standard. 

And it will no longer be necessary to carry a paper copy of the combined list with you, since the VISplanner app is also legally valid and always up-to-date. More than 80% of anglers are already using the app, so they won’t miss the so-called Dikke Boekje (or ‘thick book’). 

If you do want to take the book with you to the water and you did not receive a copy with your VISpas, Sportvisserij Nederland offers the option of picking up a paper copy of the list free of charge from any VISpas point of sale. You can also order it in our webshop
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