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Dutch sea angling records

Dutch sea angling records

For almost 50 years now the Dutch Record Commission for Sea Angling (NCRZ) has been registering the salt record fish in the Netherlands. Next to that the NCRZ also registers the records for fish species in all oceans worldwide caught by a Dutchman. To be able to guarantee the continuation of the NCRZ record list, this will now happen under the flag of Sportvisserij Nederland. From this year on they will examine all the record claims to check their validity.

If you do break a record, you will receive an official record certificate, a pin and a NCRZ-badge.

Most records are on edge, but it’s always possible to break one, as Peet Boogaard demonstrates with this tope that measures 167 centimetres and weighs over 19 kilos. The record length for bass is 94 cm, while the weight record for this species stands at almost 9 kilos. The biggest sole measures 56 cm and the heaviest one weighs 1,7 kilos. The record for mackerel stands at 54 cm by 1,5 kilo.

Click here to see all the current records on the NCRZ list. If you want to claim a record it is very important to always accurately measure and weigh the fish. Moreover make sure that there are witnesses present to back up the claim or provide a videoclip of the measuring and weighing routine. This link here will directly take you to the claim form.
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