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Come over and catch a Dutch pike!

Come over and catch a Dutch pike!

Are you a pike angler or do you fancy to catch this cool predator? Then plan a fishing holiday to Holland. Pike fishing can be done everywhere in this country abounded in water, using all kinds of different fishing techniques. Moreover March is a very good month for pike fishing.

You can fish in the Dutch polders or in more urban surroundings. Grab a spinning rod in the 8 or 9 foot range, use simple lures like spinners, wobblers or soft baits, and you will easily catch pike. The same goes for fishing with jerkbaits or trolling a lure behind the boat. During a day of fishing you are likely to catch pike in different sizes, varying from 40 cm to around 100 cm. And if you are lucky, you might encounter an even bigger specimen. 

Catch & release

Thanks to the catch and release culture that is predominant in the Netherlands, the Dutch waters hold lots of big pike. Bear in mind that the Netherlands has a closed season for fishing with lures and dead bait from 1 April to the last Saturday of May. So be smart, don’t hesitate and come over in March to catch a beautiful Dutch pike. 
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