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Come and stalk carp in the Netherlands!

Come and stalk carp in the Netherlands!

Are you a carp angler? Then you can indulge yourself in the Netherlands with all its ditches, polders, urban waters and ponds. In every water you’ll find carp, and by stalking them you are bound to spot the fish easily. Spring is the perfect season for mobile carp fishing.

With al light (1.5 lbs) carp rod ranging between 12 and 13 ft in combination with 0.25 mm to 0.30 mm monofilament you can handle every carp. Sweetcorn is an ideal bait for stalking carp. Present two or three grains of corn on a size 6 of 8 hook under a float weighted with some split shots. When the carp rise to the surface, then switch to floating dog biscuits or breadcrusts. This is super exciting and often you will be successful, catching carp to 20 lbs or even bigger.


In The Dutch ‘carp scene’ there is a strong catch & release culture present. After taking some lovely pictures the carp has to be released back into the water. Don’t forget to use an unhooking mat and a landing net. With this type of fishing you don’t take a lot of gear with you, so the fishing tackle you bring will easily fit in your car along with your other holiday equipment.


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