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New video: pike fishing with a fishing guide!

New video: pike fishing with a fishing guide!

In the latest video on the international YouTube angling channel Kanalgratis, host Tobias Ekvall goes pike fishing in THE pike paradise of the Netherlands, together with a professional fishing guide. In this episode, the men go fishing in the scenic bog region of the Weerribben, at the border between the provinces of Friesland, Overijssel and Drenthe. This quiet peat bog is full of pike.

Over the past two years, Tobias has flown to the Netherlands more than 10 times to fish, and for a good reason. “I like coming to the Netherlands because you have a chance to catch extremely large fish; you can’t find big pike and perch like these almost anywhere else”, according to the YouTube host.

Check out this video:

Fishing guide

In this video, fishing guide Robert van der Kamp takes host Tobias and Fishing in Holland team member Daniël Weijers on a pike-filled adventure. Robert is a professional fishing guide listed on the Fishing in Holland map under the name ‘Visgids Groningen’. He has also earned the Certified Dutch Fishing Guides seal of approval, which means he meets all of the requirements expected of a professional fishing guide.
Sport anglers will definitely appreciate this video of fish leaping out of the water, slow-motion shots, and beautifully coloured pike amid the Dutch nature.
The video is in English with optional German subtitles. Enjoy watching the videos:

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