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3,000 ha new water in the VISpas

3,000 ha new water in the VISpas

In 2018, the volume of water open to fishing with the VISpas increased by more than 3,000 hectares. All of these new fishing waters are included in the Combined list of fishing waters in the Netherlands 2019-2020-2021 (Gezamenlijke Lijst van Nederlandse viswateren), as well as the VISplanner.

Sport anglers naturally want to be able to conveniently fish in as many waters as possible with the VISpas. To that end, Sportvisserij Nederland (Dutch Angling Association) and the affiliated angling federations and local fishing clubs worked hard last year to open more waters to anglers. In 2018, 3,000 hectares of new fishing waters were added to the VISpas, and new waters will be opened to fishing with the VISpas every month this year.

Free VISplanner

Before you go fishing in the Netherlands, please consult the free VISplanner app or to find out exactly where you are permitted to fish with your VISpas. The information provided in these sources is always up-to-date and accessible at a glance. Tip: if you visit the website in the Google Chrome browser, the site will automatically be displayed in your language.

If you’re approached by a game warden while fishing, you need only show the VISplanner app in combination with your VISpas. That means you no longer need to carry the Combined list of fishing waters in the Netherlands 2019-202-2021 booklet with you while fishing.

Learn more by watching the VISplanner video.

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