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Lurefishing in the Netherlands: the season is almost open!

Lurefishing in the Netherlands: the season is almost open!

On the last Saturday in May - which falls on the 25th this year - anglers will once again be able to fish using all types of lures and dead bait in Dutch inland waters. Late May and early July is a great time to fish for zander, but also for asp.

Since the lurefishing season opens on 25 May, the closed season is extra short this year. The predatory fish have been left in peace for a while, so they are extra aggressive at the start of the new season, which of course makes them more fun to fish. Artificial lures with bright colours and spinners are especially good at attracting hard strikes. The Netherlands generally has a catch-and-release culture, but in many waters anglers can keep one zander for the table. Always check the VISplanner app in advance for the rules that apply to the waters where you’ll be fishing.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join the opening of the lurefishing season in the Netherlands! Wander along the banks, get out in a boat, or if you really want to make the most of your outing, choose one of the fishing guides available.

There is no closed season for lurefishing on the open sea, and now is a great time to fish for sea bass and mackerel.

Find the best months for each fish species in the fishing calendar.

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