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Caza Y Pesca (video)

Caza Y Pesca (video)

In December 2018 Ignacio Rojo travelled to the Netherlands for a fishing trip. The presenter of the Spanish hunting and fishing programme ‘Caza Y Pesca’ and his film crew wanted to capture the Dutch predator fishing in winter.

And winter it was that week in December – the eastern wind made it ice cold. On the first day they didn’t have to battle the elements, as they visited the Sportvisserij Nederland office in Bilthoven. There they were introduced to how recreational angling is organized in the Netherlands.

The next three days they went fishing in Holland. On the first day Ignacio teamed up with VIS TV presenter Marco Kraal in his boat to fish vertically for zander on the IJ and North Sea Channel. On day two the Spanish film crew left Amsterdam and visited the Dutch polders near Utrecht. Together with Daniël Weijers Ignacio fished for pike, him using the fly rod while Daniël took his chance with spinnerbaits. The last day was spent in the Dutch capital again, but this time the Caza Y Pesca host went streetfishing with Joran Bal – the chief editor of Hét VISblad.
These three days of fishing in the Netherlands have been compiled into a nice video. Hailing from Spain, the language of communication in the Caza Y Pesca video is Spanish – with some English conversations thrown into the mix as well. Whatever language you might speak, fishing pictures do speak for itself. So enjoy watching the video!

Check out this video:

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