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Blinker staff visits the Netherlands

Blinker staff visits the Netherlands

During the opening days of the predator season Blinker editors Florian Pippardt and Johannes Radtke went fishing on the river Eem near Amersfoort. They teamed up with Fishing in Holland team member Pieter Beelen and rented bikes to get around – no high-tech fishing boat or car this time!

Cycling along the river they could quickly reach marks that aren’t easily accessible otherwise. The Eem – located in the heart of the Netherlands – can be fished in its entirety with the VISpas and has a lot to offer to the angler. That’s what Johannes and Florian discovered: they enjoyed an unforgettable and very successful session with many and big fish – ranging from pike to perch and zander. 

All the details of this highly successful trip are covered in the article that will be featured in the September issue of Blinker. This German sportfishing magazine is one of the main partners connected to the Fishing in Holland project. On a regular basis Blinker publishes stories about the numerous and varied sportfishing possibilities the Netherlands has to offer.
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