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Italian YouTube crew fishing for XL-perch in holland

Italian YouTube crew fishing for XL-perch in holland

The Netherlands are a fantastic place to fish for perch, and that hasn’t gone unnoticed in Italy either. After seeing record size perch being caught in the Dutch rivers and the adjacent lakes, Paolo, Luca and Francesco form the Italian ‘Fisheye Club’ YouTube channel decided to visit the lowlands earlier this year in March.

Are you wondering if the Italian YouTube crew – guided by Fishing in Holland team member Willem Romeijn – succeeded in boosting their personal bests for perch? The answer shouldn’t be a surprise, but we nevertheless strongly recommend you to watch this kickass video:

You can clearly tell the Fisheye club is wildly enthusiastic about Holland as a fishing destination. They have already announced that they will return to the Netherlands this summer to shoot a new video. That one will cover the Dutch predator angling techniques in summer.

October and November

You can catch specimen perch – fish well over the magic 50 cm – all year round in the big Dutch rivers (be aware that there is a closed season from April 1 until the last Saturday in May). Late autumn and the winter months are favourite nonetheless. That’s when the ‘XXL-perch’ gather in the adjacent and connected deep lakes. They fatten up big time and become real heavy monsters. The good thing is you can target them from the shore, so you don’t need a boat. October and November are the prime season for this type of fishing, so we recommend you quickly call your fishing buddy to plan a big perch trip to the Netherlands for this coming fall. You might just pulverize your personal best for perch in 2019!

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