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Kanalgratis goes zander fishing in Holland (video)

Kanalgratis goes zander fishing in Holland (video)

In the newest Kanalgratis video Tobias Ekvall teams up with Fishing in Holland team member Pieter Beelen to go fishing for zander in the Netherlands. They fish in the river Eem near Amersfoort – a real hotspot for zander!

During his visits to the Netherlands, Kanalgratis presenter Tobias has always been very successful – just check out the videos on this international YouTube sport fishing channel. This visit was quite a blast as well. The numerous and beautiful zander in this vid speak for themselves. Tobias and Pieter didn’t use a fancy and high-tech fishing boat or a specialized fishing guide, but simply fished from the shore. They got on their bikes under the motto: everybody can do it and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Especially because the entire river Eem is included in the List of Fishing Waters that accompanies the VISpas.

Check the video here:


All the angling in this video was done lead-free as Tobias and Pieter fished with tungsten jig heads. Tungsten is a perfect alternative for lead as it has a higher specific weight, which makes it possible to fish more delicately with smaller jig heads.

On your bike!

Tobias didn’t ride a bike after his school years, but in this video he discovered how efficient it is to go from place to place by bike. With its countless bicycle lanes, the Netherlands are the bike country par excellence. Sit back and enjoy this video featuring beautiful drone shots, superb slow motions and lots of zander in a rustic setting. Then you will understand why Holland is a top fishing destination, also for zander. The video is in English, but has (optional) German subtitles. Happy viewing everybody!

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