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September: peak month for the sea angler

September: peak month for the sea angler

September might announce the end of the summer, but ‘summer guests’ as mullet, mackerel, sole, needlefish and sea bass are still to be caught in the upcoming weeks. The seawater temperature only starts to decrease from October, which will announce a gradual shift towards winter species as dab and whiting – sea bass can be caught during the whole month of October.

The angling opportunities along the Dutch shore are very diverse: piers, beaches and ports all produce good fish in late summer. Check the fishing calendar which species you can target best now.

Late summer on the Dutch coast

Enjoying the fresh, salty sea air is probably the best way to experience the late summer. Coming home with a self-caught fish (always check the minimum landing sizes) makes the picture perfect. The sea bass are filling up their stomachs in late summer and fall to prepare for the upcoming winter and seasonal migrations. This means the fish are in prime condition: extra fat and super strong!

Next to the well-known beaches of Zoutelande and Westkapelle in Zeeland and the North Sea beaches of the Wadden Islands, you can also decide to go and fish deeper waters. The port of Rotterdam, the piers of Scheveningen and IJmuiden, and the North Sea Channel near the town of Velsen are amongst the top destinations for this kind of sea fishing. Grab your fishing gear and experience it yourself! 

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