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VISpas 2020: now available to order online!

VISpas 2020: now available to order online!

The VISpas 2020 and the NachtVIS- en Derde Hengeltoestemming can now be ordered online at They will also be available for purchase at local angling stores starting in mid-December.

Buy the VISpas 2020 today to get the most out of your membership. The VISpas 2020 is valid for the entirety of calendar year 2020. When you purchase it via, you will receive an e-mail with your Temporary Proof of Membership (Voorlopig Bewijs van Lidmaatschap, or VBL), which you can use to fish starting from 1 January 2020. If you don’t see the mail in your inbox, make sure to check your spam box to see if you can find it there. That way, you don’t have to wait until your VISpas arrives by post. If you would rather purchase your VISpas from a shop, they can issue your VBL in person so you can start fishing right away!

Current members

If you pay before 5 December, you will receive your VISpas 2020 before 1 January. If you have given permission for direct debit from your account, then you will receive your VISpas sometime in mid-December.
One day after receipt of payment, you can go to and print out a copy of your VBL. That means you can start fishing immediately on 1 January, even if you haven’t received your official VISpas in the post.

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