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Winter: high season for pike fishing

Winter: high season for pike fishing

The Netherlands has some wonderful pike waters. In winter, the aquatic plants begin to die off, making the waters ideal for fishing for predator fish. Wander through the polders or cast a line from a boat through the waterways, canals or rivers - it’s up to you. Pike are also in excellent condition this time of year.

There are very few Dutch waters that don’t have pike, so you can fish virtually anywhere. During the winter, there are also fewer anglers and other people out on the water, and you can fish for pike in peace and quiet. So seize the opportunity and take advantage of the Dutch winter to catch some beautiful pike! And while you’re at it, there’s a good chance you’ll hook a bass or perch as well. 
You’re guaranteed to see some action during the period from December to March, especially in shallower waters where you can often watch the pike strike the bait. Watch this video on pike in the polder to get an idea of the ‘pike paradise’ that is the Netherlands.

Closed season

The best time to fish for pike is from now until the end of March, after which you’ll have to wait until the end of the closed season (from 1 April until the last Saturday in May).

Watch this video to learn more about the closed season.
Read more about fishing for pike here.

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