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New Dutch record pike

New Dutch record pike

Recently the old BNRZ-record for pike – a 134 centimetre long fish, caught by Nico Molkens in March 2017 – was smashed and improved by a whopping 4 centimetres. So now the official Dutch record pike measures 138 centimetres.

The new record holder is Siegfried Schön (a German that lives in Belgium but does most of his fishing in the Netherlands). On October 12 the massive pike grabbed his lure with an unrivalled thwack. That moment the rod holder flipped over, but Siegfried kept his cool and succeeded in netting the fish after a good scrap.

After a detailed look at the pictures of the fish on the measuring board, the record committee of the Beet Nederlandse Recordlijst Zoetwatervissen (BNRZ in short) could congratulate Siegfried with his new Dutch record pike. Here you can see that this capital fish now tops the Beet Dutch freshwater species record list. The BNRZ is run by the editorial staff of Beet Sportvissersmagazine, in cooperation with Sportvisserij Nederland. Together they form the record committee that considers the recordclaims put forward by anglers.

Due to the enormous length of the pike Siegfried had to take the measuring board photo in panorama mode.

Shortly after Siegfried had released the massive pike and shared the images on his Instagram account (@hetvishuis) his catch went viral. On his page you can find a short movie of this catch of a lifetime.

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