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Need a fishing guide? Check out the Fishing in Holland map! (video)

Need a fishing guide? Check out the Fishing in Holland map! (video)

The interactive map is an extremely useful feature of the Fishing in Holland platform. The map includes details of 26 professional fishing guides, spread all across the Netherlands. If you don’t have time to do your research, then hiring a fishing guide is the ideal solution.

It’s particularly advisable to hire a fishing guide when you’re fishing in big bodies of water, for instance for large perch, zander or pike. The guide can take you straight to the best waters and locations. In big bodies of water that often means locations that are difficult or even impossible to reach from the shore. But these locations are reachable for fishing guides, who will have a properly equipped fishing boat at their disposal. Want to find out more about the fishing guides active in the Netherlands? Click here to view the map.

German and English

A fishing guide will advise you on the best techniques, as well as providing equipment and lures. You can also take full advantage of the guide’s specialist knowledge and experience. In many cases they will be able to help you in German and English too. A fishing guide will boost your chances of a successful day’s fishing. You can also apply what you learn on your next Dutch fishing trip.

Accommodation and more

Besides fishing guides, the map also includes a variety of other interesting facilities and services. For instance, details of good angling accommodation by the waterside or close by, as well as angling shops, fishing ponds and the best fishing locations. In other words, the interactive map at is the perfect starting point for your fishing holiday.
Click here for a recent Kanalgratis video in which the film crew went out with the Groningen Fishing Guide, one of the 26 guides included in the Fishing in Holland map.
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