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VISplanner app now also available in English

VISplanner app now also available in English

The VISplanner app is available in three languages as from today. As well as the Dutch version, the free tool that enables you to check whether your VISpas permits you to fish in certain waters can now also be accessed in English and German.

It’s not only Dutch anglers who make extensive use of the VISplanner. Many anglers from abroad who come here to fish have now also discovered the functionalities of the free VISplanner app.

That’s why, from now on, it will be possible to use your smartphone at the waterside to check in English or German in which waters (including all necessary additional information) you are permitted to fish with your VISpas. The app selects the language automatically depending on your smartphone’s language settings. You can also set the language manually via the ‘Settings’ button.
All functions and texts have been translated, except for the special terms and conditions (bijzondere voorwaarden).

You can also use VISplanner to find all kinds of fishing services on Google Maps, such as boat ramps, fishing spots, angling retailers and much, much more. The special practical and always up-to-date VISplanner app is now a lot more user friendly.
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