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Top-20 fishing destinations in the Netherlands

Top-20 fishing destinations in the Netherlands

The tiny country of the Netherlands offers so many fishing waters that the choice can be overwhelming for many visiting anglers. Where should you begin? Fortunately, the fishing is good just about anywhere you go. In order to help you on your way, has drawn up a list of the 20 most interesting sport fishing waters in the Netherlands.

The top-20 includes a wide variety of landscapes and bodies of water, from big cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam to rivers, polders and fishing spots along the coast. The list also describes the fish you can catch, the best techniques and specific fishing spots for each of the areas. That way, you can get started fishing in a real hotspot as soon as you arrive in the country - whether you aim to catch predatory fish, seafish, whitefish or carp. Plus, your VISpas entitles you to fish at any of the top-20 locations. 

Find accommodations nearby

If you’d like to stay overnight close to your chosen fishing spot, you can find more than 25 accommodations set up specifically for anglers using our online map. Most of the accommodations also offer information in German, so you can read all about what the accommodation has to offer at the click of a button. Arrange your fishing trip to the Netherlands with ease and book directly via the accommodation’s own website by clicking on the location in the map. Tip: to make the map even easier to use, you can uncheck categories such as fishing guides, charter boats, fishing supply shops, and fishing spots and ponds. That will give you an even better overview of the accommodations and locations on the map of the Netherlands.
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