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NachtVIStoestemming and Derde Hengeltoestemming: what you need to know

NachtVIStoestemming and Derde Hengeltoestemming: what you need to know

In many of the Netherlands’ fishing waters, you can fish at night all year long, but you must have a NachtVIStoestemming in addition to your VISpas. If you wish to fish using three rods in the Netherlands, then you also need a Derde Hengeltoestemming (Third Rod Permit).

Both can be ordered online here.

Hologram sticker 

Both the NachtVIStoestemming and the Derde Hengeltoestemming come in the form of a hologram sticker that can be applied to the back of the VISpas. If you would like both permits, you can also purchase a combination hologram sticker. The NachtVIStoestemming and the Derde Hengeltoestemming are valid for a full calendar year, and are issued on a personal basis.
If you have more than one VISpas, you only need to purchase the permit or permits once. The Combined list of fishing waters in the Netherlands and the VISplanner use icons to show where the permits are valid. 

Temporary permit

The NachtVIStoestemming costs € 10 and the Derde Hengeltoestemming is available for € 25. Upon payment via iDeal, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal or Bansoft, you will receive an e-mail with your temporary NachtVIStoestemming and/or Derde Hengeltoestemming, allowing you to take advantage of these extra fishing opportunities right away! You can also download your temporary permit at
The hologram sticker will be sent to your address within three weeks.

Please note: Both the NachtVIStoestemming and the Derde Hengeltoestemming are valid only in combination with the VISpas.

-> order the NachtVIStoestemming and/or the Derde Hengeltoestemming today

Check the VISplanner!

The free VISplanner App and the website can help you quickly find where you are allowed to fish at night and/or using three rods with the NachtVIStoestemming and Derde Hengeltoestemming. These waters are indicated with a moon icon or a ‘3’ icon, and you can filter the search results to show only those waters where the NachtVIStoestemming and Derde Hengeltoestemming are valid. 



In addition to these national permits, there are also angling associations that limit night fishing and/or fishing with three rods to their own members, or that issue special association permits that allow you to fish in certain waters at night or using three rods. Please note: these waters are not shown with icons in the VISplanner, and therefore cannot be filtered in the search results. It is therefore recommended that you always read the special conditions for these waters in the VISplanner to find out if fishing at night or with three rods is permitted, or if additional permission is required to fish at night or with three rods in these waters.

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