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147 hectares extra vispas water!

147 hectares extra vispas water!

In May and June, the VISpas added 29 new fishing waters. The majority are located in the Municipality of Steenwijkerland in Overijssel, but there are also new fishing waters in Barneveld, Elburg, Leeuwarden and Rucphen. In total, these new waters added 147 hectares of fishing waters accessible to VISpas holders. All of the updates have been added to the VISplanner, so download the free VISplanner app today to find out where you can fish. Below is a list of the main new fishing waters in the digital supplement.

Sportvisserij MidWest Nederland (Dutch angling association, MidWest Netherlands division)

Municipality of Barneveld:
Barneveldse Beek, from the Plantagelaan in Barneveld to the spillway at the Dennebroek estate 

Municipality of Elburg:
De Puttenerbeek and the waters beyond, including the Eekterbeek

Municipality of Hollands Kroon:
- Municipal waters Wieringerwaard
- Municipal waters Anna Paulowna

Municipality of Schagen:
- Polders in the vicinity of Schagerbrug and Sint Maartensburg

Sportvisserij Oost-Nederland (Dutch Angling Association, East Netherlands division)

Municipality of Steenwijkerland:
- Schutsloot
- Toppenkolkje
- Stobbenkolkje
- Oostelijke Wetering
- Brouwersgaten
- Hoosjesgracht
- Dorpsgracht
- Bruggetjesgracht
- Bovenboersevaart
- Zuideindigerwijde
- Dwarssloot
- Kerkgracht
- Oostelijke and Westelijke Schutsloot
- Haagjesgracht
- Klossenvaart
- Paaslooervaart
- Brouwersgracht
- Pinkesloot

Sportvisserij Fryslân (Dutch Angling Association, Friesland Division)

Municipality of Leeuwarden
Pikmeer Oost 

Municipality of Noardeast-Fryslân:

Sportvisserij Zuidwest-Nederland (Dutch Angling Association, Southwest Netherlands Division)

Municipality of Rucphen
Vijver gagelrijzen St. Willebrord

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We are grateful to the De Algemene Bond van Binnenvissers NW-Overijssel and all angling federations and associations (HSV ‘t Voorntje, HSV De Eendracht, HSV De Poepenkolk, HSV Barneveld) who share their waters with all VISpas holders.

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