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Updated 'frequently asked questions'

Updated 'frequently asked questions'

‘Can I use the VISpas to fish anywhere? And ‘Can I fish anywhere in the Netherlands at night or with three rods?’ are just a couple of the questions that are often asked. Answers to these questions and others are now easy to access in the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ module at

Although the VISpas rules are relatively simple, it’s possible that you may have questions about them. For example, about your VISpas, the JeugdVISpas, night fishing, fishing with three rods or cancellation of your membership. That’s why Sportvisserij Nederland (the royal Dutch angling association) recently updated the online ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ module. The module now provides answers to the most common questions online in five languages: English, German, Dutch, Polish and French.

Easy access online

Here you can find answers to seventy different questions concerning angling documentation. That means there’s a good chance that you can find answers to your questions online quickly and easily. The questions are arranged in clear categories, so that you can navigate quickly to find your specific question. The ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ can be found here.

Other Languages

Specially for VISpas holders from other countries, the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ module has now been translated into German, English, Polish and French. You can find the different foreign language versions by clicking on the appropriate flag in the top right-hand corner.
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