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New VISpas water

New VISpas water

Thanks to the continuing collaboration between angling associations, federations and Sportvisserij Nederland, the list of VISpas waters has recently been expanded. You can find all of the new fishing waters in the VISplanner app and the 2021 Supplement to the VISpas 2021.

The VISpas allows you to fish on all waters that have been taken up in the accompanying List of Fishing Waters or the VISplanner app, which covers over 90% of the Dutch surface waters. On average a VISpas costs about 40 euros. You will receive the VISpas when you become a member of an angling association. This VISpas is valid up to and including 31 December of the current year.

If you would like a printed list of the open fishing waters, go to

One of the results of the collaboration is the exchange of the municipal waters in Ridderkerk (see photo). The First Rijsoordse HSV de Waal has shared this beautiful 57 hectare water system with all VISpas holders. The Municipality of Brummen has added the Oekense beek, and Deventer has opened the Zandwetering. In Leeuwarden, the Leechan has been added, and the Municipality of Tytsjerksteradiel has opened the canal in the Soestpolder and the pond at the Oude Commissieweg in Burgum.
Angling associations, federations and Sportvisserij Nederland continue to work to add even more waters to the Combined list of fishing waters in the Netherlands. We would like to thank everyone who has helped to open these waters to anglers.

Waters removed

Unfortunately, some waters have also been removed from the Combined list of fishing waters in the Netherlands. At the request of Sportvisserijbelangen Delfland, for example, the Kraaienest and the Foppenplas are no longer open to VISpas holders, and after consultations between Staatsbosbeheer, Sportvisserij Fryslân and Sportvisserij Groningen-Drenthe, the part of the Lauwersmeer that is designated as a nature reserve has been removed from the VISplanner. This area was already off-limits to anglers, but now the VISplanner reflects that situation.

Check the app!

Every year, many angling associations decide to amend their rules in response to their annual inspections. They usually publish these amendments at the start of the new calendar year. You can always find the most up-to-date rules in the VISplanner app, so we recommend that you check the app regularly before you cast out your line - especially at the start of the year.
You might find that night fishing is no longer permitted, or that you are now allowed to use a feed boat where that had not been permitted for years.


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