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Closed season: what’s the deal? (video)

Closed season: what’s the deal? (video)

When fishing in the Netherlands you have to take into account a number of closed seasons. For example, there is the closed season for certain types of bait and the closed season for certain fish species. Especially for pike, zander and perch this sometimes gives rise to confusion. In this video we will explain the deal on the different closed seasons.

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In short: from 1 April to the last Saturday of May it is forbidden to fish in Dutch inland waters with almost all kinds of lures. This restriction also applies to dead baitfish, pieces of dead baitfish and slaughter products. The only exception are artificial flies smaller than 2.5 cm.

In addition, there is a closed season for a number of fish species in the Netherlands.

- Pike, from 1 March to the last Saturday in May
- Zander and perch, from 1 April to the last Saturday in May

If you catch one of these species during the abovementioned period, you must treat it with the utmost care and immediately release it back into the same water uninjured.

Pike in March

The month of March usually casts doubt for a lot of anglers, due to the start of the closed season for pike. However, in March it is still allowed to fish for predatory species in the Netherlands – including pike. But if you happen to catch a pike in March, you are obliged to immediately return it. This regulation in the general conditions of the VISpas practically applies all throughout the year. That also explains why there are so many beautiful, large pike around in the Netherlands.

Keep in mind that next to the closed season for certain species, there also are a minimum size and bag limit in place for virtually every fish species in the Netherlands. And in some cases, like for the European catfish and the seatrout, there is a year round obligation to immediately return the fish into the same water where it was caught. Always make sure to thoroughly check your licensing conditions before you go fishing. Also watch the following video to be up to date about the legal rules concerning angling in the Netherlands:
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