Fishing the Polders of North Holland

The Netherlands conjure up an image of flat land. Polder land. A large part (the western part) of the Netherlands is located below sea level, which means that the Netherlands is a very watery country. That’s right, excellent for sport fishing, because all through the Dutch polders you can catch all kinds of fish like the pike, the common rudd, tench, carp and many more!

Pike fishing in a polder

The province of Noord-Holland though is the absolute champion: bordered by the North Sea in the West, the IJsselmeer in the East and Amsterdam in the South, this area is one large network of polder waters. And the good news is that most of these waters are open for fishing if you bring your VISpas.

Pike on the fly

Holiday parks

On top of that, North Holland has multiple holiday parks with accommodations (and sometimes even fishing boats) located near the waterside. For instance bungalow parks, which the German sport anglers have been frequenting for years, and we know why!

Pike fishing in winter
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