Zander in Holland

There are great zander stocks in most of Dutch rivers and canals (almost all open for fishing with the VISpas).They can be caught from the waters’ edge, for instance through street fishing, or by casting from the groynes at the rivers.

Zander caught on a softbait

Fishing guides

Another, equally fun possibility is to go on a fishing tour with a fishing guide. There are dozens of experienced zander fishing guides in the Netherlands. Next to it being a nice experience, a day out with such a zander fishing guide usually also is a guarantee for catching fish. For some waters It is not exceptional to catch dozens of zanders a day – especially not at the North Sea Canal and the IJ near Amsterdam. 

Zander fishing from a boat

Although most of the major rivers also have great zander stocks. In summertime sundown by far is the best time to catch these fish, although in the daytime you also have a good chance of catching them in the murky waters of the Waal, Haringvliet and Hollands Diep. The best techniques: vertical jigging (boat/fishing guide), drop shotting, throwing with shads and trolling with plugs. 

Underwater picture of a zander

There is a close season for fishing with artificial bait and dead bait in the period from 1 April up to the last Saturday of May. In the Netherlands, the minimum size of zanders is 42 cm. Be sure to read the conditions of your permit before you start fishing, because the minimum size (and sometimes the maximum size) for taking zanders home may vary from one body of water to another.

Happy fisherman with a zander

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