Angling shops in Holland

There are some 800 angling shops throughout the Netherlands. These shops sell bait – such as maggots and worms – and fishing tackle. Moreover the shopkeeper will happily advice you on the best fishing spots in the area and up to date information about recent catches – whether you’re fishing in the coastal area or the inlands. In most angling shops they speak English well, and along the German border most shopkeepers speak German reasonably well too. Check the map to see which angling shops are near your fishing destination and take advantage of their knowledge!

A well organized angling shop

You can also buy your VISpas at these angling shops: you’ll receive a ‘Provisional proof of membership’ (Dutch: ‘Voorlopig Bewijs van Lidmaatschap’) with which you can get going right away. The VISpas will then be sent to your home address within a few weeks. It’s even easier to buy your VISpas online – in advance of your fishing trip. Visit to do this, quick and easy.
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