Fishing in Drenthe (province)

The province of Drenthe is more than just forests, moorlands and dolmens. Much more. Drenthe may not have the most surface area of water, but the waters it does have are certainly worth a visit. There is lots of variety, both in types of water and the kinds of fish you may expect.

Great morning along the water


First of all there are the creeks. Various systems of creeks are flowing from the higher-situated Drents Plateau, to the lower neighbouring provinces of Groningen and Overijssel. Most famous are the Drentsche Aa, the Peizerdiep and the Hunze. In these creeks, mostly open for fishing with the VISpas, you’ll find typical creek fish such as the ide and the dace. Large scale nature preservation projects and fish migration facilities cause fish stocks to flourish. Ideal for fly fishing. In the Peizerdiep you moreover might catch sea trout that have been released into the wild in order to reintroduce the species in the basin from the Wadden sea to the Drenthe head reach. 

Bream caught using the method feeder


Drenthe is divided by a number of large navigation canals with excellent stocks of species like bream, silver bream and roach, ideal for fishing! Thanks to releasing programmes, you can catch carp once again in for instance the Noord-Willemskanaal between Assen and Groningen. Smaller canals such as the Oranjekanaal, which crosses the entire province from Smilde to Emmen, are also full of fish and perfect for angling.
The south-eastern part of the province has an extensive network of canals swarming with fish, the heritage of our peat extraction history. Plenty of space, plenty of fish. The pike thrives well here.

Fishing ponds

And then there’s the fishing ponds and the smaller lakes. You’d soon lose count if you’d try to count them all. The bulk of these lakes are open for fishing with your VISpas. The fact that a third rod and night fishing are allowed at a lot of these lakes says enough about the chances of catching carp here.
If you check the VISplanner on your smartphone, you’ll notice that virtually all water in Drenthe is coloured dark-blue. This means you’re allowed to fish everywhere with your VISpas. Unique! Add the province’s peace and quiet and its great nature and you won’t have to think long about where to go!

Sunset at the water

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