Smoothhound in Holland

Sharks are probably not the first thing that come to mind when thinking of the Netherlands. Wrongfully so, because the shark populations along the Dutch coast are increasing strongly! For instance, in recent years various charter boats in Zeeland have been organising very successful shark trips. These trips involve fishing for smoothhounds – a relatively harmless but beautiful kind of sharks that can grow over 1 metre in length - directly underneath the coastline and even in the Oostershelde.

Characteristic smoothhounds head

Summer fishing

So obviously you don’t have to fear becoming seasick. This great game fish is best caught using ragworms, close to the bottom. The fishing season for smoothhounds is roughly from May to October, and next to fishing from a boat at some spots in Zeeland these sharks can also be caught from the shoreline. 

A nice smoothound caught from the beach

True adventurers even have the possibility of going on fishing trips for school sharks on the Oosterschelde using a rented boat for themselves. In the Netherlands you don’t need a permit to go fishing at sea or from the coastline. Are you ready? Catch your first Dutch shark!

With charterboats you can perfectly fish for smoothhound

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