Fishing in Rotterdam 

Rotterdam is world city, that’s also true when it comes to sport fishing! Running right through the centre of the city – against a backdrop of world-famous architecture and passing ships, with a view on the impressive skyline and bridges – is the river the Nieuwe Maas. This river forms the end of the Rhine system, which originates in Switzerland. Together with dozens of side harbours, the Nieuwe Maas is one of the best street fishing locations of Europe. It isn’t a coincidence that the international street fishing event Gunki Iron Tournament is being organised here for many years in a row. 

Zander caught in the city


Zander, perch and asp form the bulk of the fish you’ll catch here, but there’s definitely also a good chance of hooking a pike, a catfish, ide or even a flatfish such as the flounder. Expect spectacle near every quayside using lures such as shads. The river connects Rotterdam directly to the sea, which means there are tides here. 

White fish in the centre of Rotterdam

There is almost always a strong current in this river and the side harbours too are subject to the tides. These side harbours by the way are also great when you’re fishing for coarse fish/silver fish like bream, ide and roach. One of the unique features of Rotterdam is the fact that you’ll be able to access the water almost everywhere and that there are plenty of lodging accommodations! If you’re going on a city trip to Rotterdam, you best bring your rod! Whether you’re coming by car or by train. Do keep in mind: with regard to the river, any VISpas will suffice, but if you want to angle in the side harbours and the still waters inside the city, you will need to have the VISpas of HSV Groot Rotterdam, or one of its cooperating associations. You may look up the requirements at a glance at or the (free) VISplanner app.

Streetfishing Rotterdam
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