Seabass in Holland

There is no other fish that is as strong as the seabass. Indeed, many Dutch anglers consider the seabass the no. 1 game fish. The Dutch coastline has some true seabass fishing hotspots, of which the area surrounding the Rotterdam sea port is internationally famous for being a true hotspot – crystal clear water, with plenty of food and fish, against the backdrop of colossal ports, industry and the largest container ships and oil tankers in the world. 

Different spots

These waters are home to seabass in all kinds of sizes. The entire coastline of the province of Zeeland (Oosterschelde, Westerschelde, noordzeekust) also offers great opportunities, as well as the piers and the lock complex of IJmuiden, near Amsterdam. 

These spots all have one thing in common: the VISpas is not mandatory here. The Dutch coastline is exempted from rod licenses, so everyone can go angling here. Regarding seabass it is allowed to take home two catches with a minimum size of 42 centimeters per fisherman per day from the first of March untill November 30th.

Releasing a nice seabass

The right materials

In the Netherlands, angling for seabass from the shoreline works well from May till October, for instance using long, slender plugs and shads, such as the Black Minnow. Fishing with a combination of a float with a ragworm for bait also works well. Do however adjust your drag well, because after striking the bait, the seabass has a habit of making a run like a rocket. There are several seabass fishing guides in the Netherlands, both when you’re fishing from the shoreline and when you’re fishing from a boat or a kayak.

Fishing for seabass in the Rotterdam sea port

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