Fishing in the river Meuse and Maasplassen

Limburg is the utmost southern province of the Netherlands, with the river de Maas as its vital blue artery. Moreover, the river is flanked by countless lakes that are all connected to it. And the good news is that most of these lakes are open for anglers with a VISpas. 

Wading in the river Meuse

Lots of opportunities

Limburg is only a few hours’ drive away from the Ruhrgebiet in Germany and it offers all kinds of opportunities that makes an angler’s heart beat faster. For instance, the river is famous for its large perch and pikes, heavy carps and its large stocks of catfish. There is hardly any navigation going on on these lakes, which make them the ideal spot for the belly boat anglers among us. 

Belly boat fishing in the Maasplassen


Those angling for freshwater fish such as bream and roach are also in for a treat. The utmost southern part (Maastricht to Maasbracht) of the Maas is officially called the Grensmaas, here the river forms the natural border between the Netherlands and Belgium. Here the river is shallower than it is further downstream, it has more rapids and it is a hotspot for anglers fishing for barbel! There are plenty of lodging accommodations along the Maas.

Barbel caught on the centerpin
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