Trout in Holland

Only few know that the Netherlands has some unique trout fishing spots. These are not fast-flowing creeks or rivers like you can find in the countries surrounding ours – we don’t have many of those in the Netherlands. We’re talking of a number of large lakes in which trout have been released for a few years now, specifically as game fish. These trout can grow up to extraordinary sizes thanks to the catch & release principle! Take for instance the Oostvoornse Meer near Rotterdam. 

Some rainbow trouts in the Oostvoornse Meer

Big trout

The brackish lake is home to a unique population of rainbow trout, brown trout and arctic char, the first two of which have already grown to specimen of over 70 cm. You only need a VISpas to fish at this internationally famous lake is and it is suitable for fishing with both lures and fly-fishing – also with a bellyboat! 

Trout fishing in the Oostvoornse Meer

Sea trout

But there are more of this kind of lakes: the Geestmerambacht in North-Holland is also a good spot for catching trout. And what to think of the Lauwersmeer in the utmost Northern part of the Netherlands: here they are implementing a reintroduction project to bring back the sea trout, partly through releasing specimen in the wild. These waters are all included in the VISpas register. In addition the Netherlands has a few dozen of trout fishing ponds at which you can go fishing against a daily fee.

Brook trout in the Oostvoornse Meer

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