Going fishing? Always bring your VISpas!

The VISpas allows you to fish on all waters that have been taken up in the accompanying List of Fishing Waters, which covers over 90% of the Dutch surface waters. On average a VISpas costs about 40 euros. You will receive the VISpas when you become a member of an angling association. This VISpas is valid up to and including 31 December of the current year.

The VISpas and the accompanying lists with fishing waters allows you to fish in about 90% of the Dutch surface waters.
  • You may use two rods at the same time, using all types of bait that are allowed. Check where you’re allowed to fish in the lists of fishing waters or simply at www.visplanner.nl (also available as an app)
  • You will receive the VISpas (the size of a credit card) as a proof of membership of your angling association, the federation and Sportvisserij Nederland (Sport Fishing in the Netherlands). This will save you a lot of paperwork.
  • You will, among others, contribute to the monitoring-system, the management of fish stocks and the organising of fishing competitions.
  • You’re a member of Sportvisserij Nederland and as such you automatically promote the interests of angers throughout the Netherlands, so that you’ll also be able to angle in our country in the future.

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Contact information

The VISpas is a publication by:

Sportvisserij Nederland
115 Leijenseweg
Postbus 162, 3720 AD Bilthoven
Telephone no.: 0900-2025358 (35 cent per minute)
Fax no.: 030-6039874,
E-mail: vispas@sportvisserijnederland.nl

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